whole website and webserver went thermonuclear
Win64: DOWNLOAD 0.0.5
Win32: DOWNLOAD 0.0.5

tunaris game devolvment continues as the holidays are over and i stop working on unrelated side projects and playing bideo gayms
some people like to complain this website is poorly coded and i agree but nobodys daring to do it free so why should i either ahahaha

haha touge1995 rekt ez
tunarisgame will prevail the game market in 2019!!!

Win64: (MegaNZ)
Win32: (MegaNZ)

the current release is 0.0.3. Download link below (64 bit only).
0.0.4 will release 11/2018. new features:
>visible brake discs, heat on braking, visible calipers
>windshield wipers
>active all wheel drive systems (StasonicTCSAWD, ATTESA)
>prototype driver character
>reworked tire model. (simulation value: tires now wear, and burst)
>reworked physics. cars now react to more surfaces, and surface detection is now more accurate. this means slip on grass, and future support for rain and puddles/water.
>alternative UI layout(broken)
>added online -menu to manage IP address/port, so no more need for tampering with savedata.json by notepad. you will still have to portforward 7777 to host
>remaked graphics, drawcall optimization.
>cars get dirty when you drive offroad
>GO! Car wash! lightning fast service to wash all that dirt off from your rally car
>battle royale closed early alpha
>fixed handbrake
>reworked car selection menu. it now has a nice 3d garage with garage doors.
>added some other minor things and protoype drafts that may not be mentioned here
>best lap times now display in post race screen

DOWNLOAD 0.0.5 (64 bit)
DOWNLOAD 0.0.5 (32 bit)
DOWNLOAD 0.0.4 (64 bit)
DOWNLOAD 0.0.4 (32 bit)
DOWNLOAD 0.0.3 (64 bit)

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